Oak Tree Diseases: Warning Signs of a Sick Tree

A photo of an oak tree set in a forest with leaves on the ground, a vat expanding amount of strong branches and light coming through the leaves

An oak tree is a strong, comforting presence in any garden or landscape. However, when an oak tree becomes sick, it can be a real danger to people and property around it. Any sick tree dying and falling is a sad occasion, but when something as mighty as an oak becomes sick, it’s a shame to not save it. When oak tree diseases or sickness are caught early enough, there’s a real chance that either you or a professional tree surgeon, if needed, can preserve its life. If no measures are taken, it could fall and cause severe damage and injury.

If you notice any of the following warning signs with your oak tree, we’d urge you to chat with a tree surgeon to check whether your tree could be suffering from any one of a number of oak tree diseases or is becoming a sick tree.

Yellow Oak Tree Leaves

This is a common sign of tree diseases with many species of trees, and is true too for oaks. Leaf discolouration, most commonly yellow leaves, is a warning sign of malnutrition in your oak tree.

Root Rot

A sadly common occurrence for oak trees is rotting roots. There are a number of causes of oak root rot, including overwatering and humidity. This means it can be fairly easy to treat as long as you are proactive about your sick tree’s health.

Oak Tree Diseases Caused by Insects

Checking the leaves and the roots are always the best place to start when trying to identify whether your oak tree is healthy. However, some oak tree diseases are caused by outside influences like insects, which can be a little harder to spot and diagnose, but call in a professional if you notice signs such as browning of the edges of the leaves and premature death of the leaves. Unfortunately, many of these diseases can be fatal to the tree so it’s imperative to have it quickly diagnosed and the tree professionally felled.

Acute Oak Decline

We can’t discuss oak tree diseases without drawing particular focus to Acute Oak Decline, a ravaging disease which can kill oaks within just 5 years. Signs to look for include:

  • Leaves withering, becoming pale, and reducing in size
  • Dark fluid seeping from cracks in the oak tree bark
  • The tree canopy becomes noticeably thinner
  • More insects are spotted on the tree

If you notice any of the above, or are concerned about other potential warning signs that don’t seem right for your oak, we suggest calling Treesaw as soon as possible, because Acute Oak Decline can be truly disastrous.

If you’re concerned about any potential warning signs on your oak tree, whether we’ve covered it above or you just have a bad feeling about how your oak looks, give us a call straight away on 0113 239 1271. The quicker we can identify oak tree diseases, the quicker we can potentially save the life of your grand oak.