Aspen Tree Diseases: Warning Signs of a Sick Tree

The Aspen tree is beautiful to look at, complete with large round leaves that feature irregular blunt teeth. Aspen trees are incredibly valuable to wildlife but can be at risk of a variety of fungal diseases.

In our latest post, we discuss the aspen tree in further detail alongside aspen tree diseases and the threats that can affect it in further detail.

You can find aspen trees in colonies in the northern hemisphere, particularly in ancient woods, on healths or near rivers, so long as the soil is well-drained.

In order to flourish, the aspen tree requires a healthy dose of unshaded sunlight and moist soil.


As previously mentioned, the aspen tree attracts a wide variety of wildlife and is important for both nesting opportunities and as a food source. Midges and the aspen hoverfly feeds on dead aspen wood. Whilst deadwood cavities provide nesting opportunities for birds including the woodpecker, the aspen is also the preferred tree for beavers which are native to the UK.

Aspen Tree Diseases

The poplar variety of aspen tree can be prone to a variety of fungal diseases, including, cankers, leaf rusts and poplar scab.


Cankers typically appear as an elongated oval shape but can vary in shape and size. A canker is essentially a symptom of an injury or wound that has become infected by a fungal or bacterial pathogen.

Leaf Rust

Leaf rust can affect a wide variety of plants and leaves. Leaf rust usually begins with raised white spots on the underside of leaves. After a short while, these spots become reddish-orange spore masses, which will turn yellow-green and eventually black.

Poplar Scab

Scab diseases on trees are caused by the fungi, Venturia. If your tree has become affected by poplar scab, you may notice the discoloured leaves, black lesions in irregular shapes. Other symptoms may include dieback of infected shoots.


Here at Treesaw, our expert tree surgeons can advise you on the health of your tree and carry out a wide variety of services in order to manage your trees, no matter their size or condition. if you are concerned that any of the mentioned aspen tree diseases are affecting your tree, call our team today on 0113 239 1271.