Disproving and Dispelling 5 Myths About Tree Surgery

The best way to prevent harm to your family, property, and neighbourhood is to remove a tree when maintenance procedures like trimming or disease mitigation are no longer sufficient to maintain its health. However, a number of misconceptions concerning tree removal and pruning frequently keep homeowners from doing either, putting them at risk for both property damage and the spread of diseases. If you have a decaying tree or are unsure about pruning practices that will help to keep your trees healthier for longer but have doubts because of myths surrounding tree removal and pruning, we here at Treesaw hope to dispel your fears through our blog below!

Myth 1: Trees can’t be cut or pruned during the summer season

The long standing assumption that pruning a tree in the summer can ill affect its health is in fact false. In fact, summer pruning can benefit a tree’s health. You increase nutrient supply to the healthy extremities that can genuinely benefit by pruning off dead or dying branches. The greatest time to manage water sprout and sucker growth is in the summer because this is when they grow the fastest.

Myth 2: You should only remove a tree if it it dead

Tree removal can be a daunting decision to make for homeowners as trees can be a valuable source of shade, hence why a lot of people try to avoid removal and keep them on their land. However, it is imperative to act quickly to remove your tree if it is ill or has damaged branches in order to prevent disease from spreading and unintentional falling, both of which could risk the safety of any people who may pass by it, regardless of how infrequently they may do so.

Myth 3: There is no reason for stump removal

The majority of tree removal companies charge extra to grind down a tree stump. Because of this, homeowners frequently opt out of removing it in order to save money. It’s not the wisest move, though, as the rotting stump could turn into a haven for insects. It can also be a tripping hazard and depending on where it is located can make general garden maintenance such as mowing the lawn much more difficult.

Myth 4: Healthy trees don’t need pruning

Trees do need to be pruned on a regular basis to keep them in the right form. You are directing the growth of your tree and promoting its healthy form and structure by cutting back on overly robust branch growth and water sprouts.

Myth 5: A young tree does not require any pruning

Actually, the most important time to prune a tree is while it is young. Because the tree appears to be little and harmless and doubtful to shed branches on their house, some people disregard this. However, young tree pruning creates a strong structure and trains the tree to grow uniformly. As the tree ages, the likelihood of failure decreases as a result.

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