7 Low Maintenance Trees

1) Silver Birch

The pure white bark of the birch tree is pretty in any season, but it comes into its own in the winter months, when it lights up the garden at the dullest time of the year. Silver Birch will grow in sun or semi-shade in most types of well-drained soil. Once established, these trees need minimal care, and will withstand harsh winters.

2) Serviceberry

Serviceberry trees are deciduous and are visually stunning year-round with gorgeous blooms in the spring, fruit in the winter, vivid fall foliage, and attractive bark colour in the winter. It is not difficult to grow and care for a Serviceberry tree. It’s a cold-hardy tree that will thrive even in the colder months and makes a great tiny ornamental accent.

3) Ornamental Cherry

Cherry trees are a great addition to any landscape design. They are renowned for their beautiful spring blossoms, which come in a confetti of pink or white and are perfumed in some kinds. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from.

4) Magnolia

Magnolia trees can be either evergreen or deciduous, but they are both recognised for their enormous, showy blooms. These trees are recognised for their adaptability and hardiness. These easy-going trees are perfect for a sheltered setting, providing they are planted in the proper location and in acceptable soil.

5) Crab Apple

These trees provide an abundance of nectar and pollen for insects, as well as adding beauty to any garden. Plant these in broad sun, in moist but not damp soil, and they will require very little upkeep. Branches that are damaged or cross over each other should be removed in the winter.

6) Japanese Maple

The magnificent fall colour of Japanese maple trees is well-known. Japanese Maples come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from airy and erect to compact and domed, and will liven up any landscape with their delicate limbs and vivid foliage that gives year-round interest. All variants of the Japanese Maple, in general, would be a suitable choice for a low-maintenance tree that acts as a little ornamental accent. They require very little upkeep, adapting to a wide range of soil types and flourishing in a variety of light situations.

7) Purple Leaf Plum

One of the most common decorative trees used in landscaping is the purple leaf plum. It has deep purple leaves from spring through fall and exquisite pinkish white flowers in the early spring. It grows to be about 12 to 15 feet tall, making it ideal for small yards.

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