Stump Grinding- Is it Necessary?

Once a tree surgeon has successfully cut down a tree, there are a few instances where it would be desirable to entirely remove the tree stump. For starters, it can be dangerous since it can be a tripping hazard. It can also make gardening much more difficult because stumps must be avoided when cutting the grass. Otherwise, you risk damaging your lawn mower by hitting a stump.

Another reason to get rid of the tree stump is that it can be unsightly. Many people take care in their gardens, and they spend many hours ensuring everything is in the best shape possible. A tree stump, as you might expect, is not a very attractive component of any garden. You may choose to get the tree stump removed if you want your green space to be tidy.

Finally, many people choose to have a tree stump removed because of the pests and insects it can attract. Ants, beetles, termites, and other bugs will be lured to the stump as it decomposes. Aside from the basic nuisance of having these organisms in your garden, they can also spread to other plants in the area and even into your house. To avoid this, the tree stump should be removed as soon as possible following the tree surgery.

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As part of our tree surgery services, we securely clear tree and hedge stumps using specialised machinery or use a chemical treatment like Ecoplugs to prevent regrowth.
We recognise that stumps can be unsightly or inconvenient, so our expert tree surgeons have honed their expertise to securely remove any stump from a home or residential setting. Our cutting-edge equipment helps us to remove these stumps quickly and efficiently, ensuring that inhabitants and the environment are not inconvenienced.
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