Britain’s Most Common Trees

There are over 70 native trees in Britain. We’re lucky to live in such a rich and vibrant landscape that boasts a great variety of trees. With spring just around the corner, we thought it could be the perfect time to celebrate some of Britain’s most common trees. There’s a tonne more we could have covered, these are just a few of our favourites!

In no particular order, let’s take a look.



An image of two Ash trees.


Ash trees are a staple of the British countryside. They grow to around 30ft and their roots travel deep and wide (up to 60ft!). They are an integral part of the ecosystem and their leaves often provide food for grazers and rabbits. The lifespan of the Ash tree depends on its species, with some living for as long as 300 years.



An image of an oak tree.


As the grandfather of trees, the oak holds a special place in our hearts. The oak is a wise and noble tree, living up to a 1000 years in some cases. A paternal figure in the ecosystem, the oak provides a home and food source for many, many species of insects, birds and mammals. No other British tree can claim the same infinite value that the oak tree provides.



An image of the fruits of an alder tree.


The alder loves to plant its roots in moist areas. You’ll find it on the banks of rivers, swamps and wetlands, thriving in a place most other types of tree would undoubtedly struggle. The alder is home provides a home to a host of insects that too enjoy the damp air.


Silver Birch

An image of several silver birch trunks.


Most common in Scotland, the silver birch is well-known for its unique beauty. The signitate white bark immediately evokes images of a winter wonderland. Indeed, walking by a group of silver birches in the snow has a magical effect of making you feel as though you’ve transported to another world entirely.


Closing Thoughts


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