How a Tree Can Be the Perfect Garden Accessory

Although trees can often act as the centrepiece of any garden, the potential for decoration and design often goes unnoticed by homeowners. Instead of leaving the big lump of wood and leaves to occupy the majority of your outdoors, take a look at this list of subtle and classy ways that will help turn your tree into the perfect garden accessory.


Using stone or reclaimed bricks to sculpt a circular flowerbed around the base of your tree will acts as a quick and easy way to pretty up your garden while also maximising space. Not only will these flowerbeds accentuate and highlight your tree, but it also offers homeowners a way of introducing an array of colours into their garden to help diversify your gardens colour scheme.

Fairy Lights

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, there needs to be a way for you to be able to enjoy your garden all year round. To banish the darkness from your outdoors and to introduce some much needed light, fairy lights and tea lights are a great way of decorating your tree and making it a hub for your entire garden. Try wrapping some waterproof lights around the tree, working them up and along branches to create a cosy and intimate vibe for your garden this winter.


Fulfill your childhood dream and put your DIY skills to the test by sculpting a treehouse. Not only do these structures provide fun for the whole family, but they also highlight the tree as the centrepiece of your garden, giving the whole outdoors a casual and playful feel.

Even if these ideas seem too extravagant for yourself, pruning and maintaining trees is the quickest and easiest step in ensuring your tree, and your garden, remain neat and tidy throughout the year. For professional tree pruning, surgery or any other arboricultural work, contact Treesaw today by calling us on 0113 239 1271 or by leaving us a message via our online form.