How to Get the Most out of All Types of Firewood

In a few months, the BBQ’s will be rolled back into the garage and the jumpers will be replacing vests as the cold, winter months settle in. To prepare your living room for those cosy winter evenings in front of the fire, make sure you are fully stocked up and that you know how to get the most out of your firewood.

Types of Firewood

When choosing the perfect types of firewood for your living room, you must first understand the differences between softwood and hardwood. The Scandinavian and Baltic region of Europe is the natural home of softwood trees likes Cedar and Fir, whereas deciduous hardwoods, such as Oak and Birch, are found in the more mild climates of the British Isles, Japan and certain countries across Europe. This difference in environment is important for deciding which types of firewood you choose. Due to the wetter habitat of softwood, this type of wood will take longer to dry than hardwood. Do not compromise on allowing your softwood to dry, however, as if there is moisture in the wood, the burn will produce more smoke than fire.

Drying Wood

The drying process of wood is a drawn out one, which is why it is recommended to purchase your logs in the early summer and allow them to dry throughout the season. Another worthwhile tip for drying wood is to stack it properly and not to collect the logs in a pile. If the logs are thrown together, they are more likely to rot than if they are stacked in single lines and separated.

When dried properly, softwood tends to burn better out of the two woods, making it the better source of all the types of firewood. However, as softwood is less dense than hardwood trees, it is not uncommon to have to use twice as much softwood. The density of wood is an interesting subject. Although softwood has a purer burn, because the density of its alternative is greater the harder firewood typically burns for longer.

Stacking Wood

Once you have selected the perfect types of firewood for your home, it is time to master the stacking method. To maximise the burn and generate the optimum level of heat, stack your wood in a lattice pattern with the bigger pieces of wood at the bottom of the formation and continue in size order as the pile grows.

After you have selected the most suitable type of wood and stacked the wood properly, then you have all the ingredients for the perfect, cosy winter night. Treesaw can provide firewood up to the van load, so if you are in the process of stocking up for the colder months, contact us today on 0113 239 1271 and speak to a member of our team.