Pruning Willow Trees

An image of several weeping willow trees by a lake.

The willow is a graceful looking tree, easily set apart from any other due to its long branches that curve and often reach the floor. Pruning a willow tree from an early age will set up a good foundation for the tree to grow.

In this latest blog post, Treesaw discusses pruning your willow tree in further detail, ensuring it remains looking its best for years to come.

There’s no doubt about it, pruning a willow tree in its former years is a much easier task than when it once it becomes established. Pruning whilst young will allow you to establish a growing pattern for the tree, making it easier to keep in shape as it grows, ensuring no major structural changes to the tree will be needed.

When Should I Prune My Willow Tree?

It is important to note that if you prune a tree when it is still actively growing, it will produce a sap. Consequently, pruning during winter when the tree is dormant is advised.

How To Prune a Willow Tree?

Using the right equipment to prune any tree is always advised. The right equipment means you are less likely to cause damage to the tree and will ensure clean cuts of the branches, making pruning a much easier task.

If you have a young willow tree sapling, you will need to try and establish a central branch that will eventually become the trunk of the tree. Here are some top tips:

  • Remove branches that are too close together to ensure the tree has enough room to grow.
  • Remove weak branches that will become heavier as the tree grows and may be prone to breaking in strong winds.
  • Remove branches from the lower part of the tree when the young tree reaches a diameter of 2 inches.

Whilst there is less pruning required for a more mature willow tree, it should be noted that removing broken branches and those that are crowded and rubbing against each other will promote healing and reduce the likelihood of disease.

Just as when the tree was younger, you will want to stop any branches from growing on the bottom half of the tree. Similarly, you will also still want to keep in mind the spacing of the branches to reduce the amount of breakage.

Shortening Weeping Branches

If you have a weeping willow tree, the chances are that you love the weeping branches that reach the floor. However, sometimes this may not be complementary to the landscape or practical. Whilst you can shorten weeping branches, you should make sure that you cut them below the leaf bud.

Tree Surgery by Treesaw

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