The Environmental Impact of Tree Felling

As the world becomes more environmentally aware, the knowledge and awareness of practices such as tree felling has increased. Despite pressure to reduce its efforts, deforestation as a sector is still alive and booming. To shed light onto this damaging industry, Treesaw analyses the severity of this industry and outlines how their environmental policies act as the perfect model for felling companies around the world to follow.

The Harmful Effects of Deforestation

There is no escaping the facts; deforestation is one of the primary reasons as to why global warming is showing no signs of slowing down. Although deforestation provides us with everyday materials such as paper and the food we eat, the impact of mass-felling cannot be understated. Considering the Amazon rainforest produces 20 percent of the world’s oxygen on its own, the fact that over one and a half acres of forestry are mowed down every second is frightening. With forests also providing us with cancer-fighting organisms, housing over 28,000 species of animals and being the planet’s’ way of consuming carbon dioxide, it is time to understand the true impact of tree felling.

Our Tree Surgery Philsophies

As a tree surgery and tree felling company ourselves, you may think it is counterintuitive to be writing about the negative consequences of tree felling. However, through our environmental policies and our commitment to the health of the planet, we are living proof that there is a way to fell trees without damaging the environment.

Firstly, it is part of our philosophy to not undertake any tree surgery work without checking the area for any signs of wildlife and to make sure that we do not disturb the natural habitats of any animals. With deforestation expected to eradicate over 20,000 species within the next 25 years, this step is simple yet important.

The commercial and agricultural industries are the bane of the environment. With 13 million hectares per year in South America and Africa and South East Asia being converted from a forest to agricultural land, the sheer scale of these tree felling efforts makes it seem almost habitual. Although tree felling is a part of our job, we try to preserve every single tree, and cutting down any tree is seen as an absolute last resort. Despite many agricultural and commercial companies investing in forest management programmes to counteract their felling efforts, a more conservative approach to their methods would ease the strain of deforestation and its effect on the environment.

Firewood and Logs

Even when we do have to fell a tree, all our excess materials are recycled into wood chips and logs and sold separately, making sure no materials go to waste. Prepare yourself for the chillier months by stocking your fireplace up with logs of any size, just head over to our online store.

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