The Many Benefits of Trees

An image of two children riding their bikes on a path through green trees.

As tree surgeons, there’s no denying that we have a passion for trees. Our work keeps them healthy and risk-free. There are, however, many real benefits to trees that affect all of us.

In our latest post, we talk everything “tree”, discussing the many benefits that trees bring to the planet and us.

Carbon Dioxide

An excess of carbon dioxide contributes to climate change, but trees can store carbon dioxide, removing it from the air, whilst providing us with oxygen. Statistics published by “Tree People” a tree care programme in LA, states that, in a year, an acre of mature trees can remove the same amount of Co2 that a car produces over 26,000 miles.

On the flip side to this, an acre of trees is said to produce enough oxygen for 18 people.

Trees Provide Shade

Without trees, we would be constantly exposed to the full force of the suns rays. Trees can be a great addition to your home if planted on the right side, as they can help to keep it cool during the summer months.

What’s more, trees provide shelter and warmth to wildlife that would otherwise suffer without a home up high, away from predators.

Trees are a Noise Barrier

Thick tree branches are great for absorbing sound and can cut down noise pollution. If you live near a road, you may find trees have been planted alongside the roadside. Whilst this may assist in giving you some privacy, it also acts as a sound barrier to reduce the noise stemming from the road.

Trees Provide Food

Trees provide a wide variety of popular fruits that we see in our supermarkets. What’s more, trees also provide food for wildlife, keeping various creatures stocked up with food through the barren winter months.

Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

After the rain, trees help to reduce surface water run-off, ensuring the soil is kept in place on hillsides. What’s more, they also help to reduce soil erosion.

Our Work With Trees

Here at Treesaw, we have many years of experience in carrying out tree surgery, vegetation control and tree stump removal, where necessary.

If you have a sick tree or have spotted a tree with broken branches that are potentially dangerous, please call our team. We pride ourselves on carrying out our work efficiently and in-line with the best practices to ensure the health of the tree and the safety of those that are nearby.