What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon atop a tree carrying our routine tree surgery

A tree surgeon is responsible for the maintenance of trees and will undertake many tasks to ensure the health of a tree.

Tasks a Tree Surgeon Carries out

Tree planting and pruning
Tree felling
Tree stump removal
General maintenance

What Tools Does a Tree Surgeon Use?

Tree surgeons work with a wide variety of power tools to enable them to carry out their jobs efficiently. Consequently, a tree surgeon must have a certain level of fitness to carry and use such tools, whilst working at height or at ground level.

If an entire tree needs to be cut down, a team of tree surgeons will be required to ensure the task runs smoothly and safely. Whilst there will typically be one ”climber” that climbs the tree to remove unsafe or unhealthy branches, there will also be someone at the ground level supporting the climber, as well as someone disposing of wood, using wood shredders.

Tree Trimming

When removing branches from a tree, a tree surgeon will tie a rope around the branch that is to be cut, so it can be lowered safely to the ground, once safely cut.

The larger the tree, the longer the job is likely to take, which, in turn, will increase the cost.

Tree Stump Removal

Once the tree has been cut down, you will still be left with a stump in the ground of where the tree used to be. Tree stumps can make it difficult to use your outside space in the way you would like to, and can often look unsightly if not used as a feature.

A professional tree surgeon will use their skillset to safely remove tree stumps from the ground completely and then treat the area to prevent any re-growth.


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