What Equipment Does A Tree Surgeon Use?

Ever wondered what tools a tree surgeon uses on a day to day basis? Depending on the job they are assigned to, a tree surgeon will use a wide variety of tools and equipment. In this blog we are going to take a look at these tools to talk about how they are used and why they are important to completing a range of tree surgery tasks.


As you can imagine, working as a tree surgeon requires you to be high up in the air a lot of the time. In order to be as versatile as possible when completing a variety of tasks, tree surgeons will often opt for a ladder with adjustable legs so they can reach different heights. For maximum stability, tripod ladders tend to be the common choice.

Rigging and Harnesses 

A tree surgeon will always carry plenty of rigging and harness straps with them when working at height. The rigging and harnesses will allow a tree surgeon to ascend and descend a tree safely and with as much ease as possible. Having the security of being strapped safely to the tree will allow the tree surgeon to complete the job with accuracy and efficiency.


Perhaps the tool most associated with tree surgery, a chainsaw is a pivotal piece of equipment used for most arborist jobs. Chainsaw can make quick work of thick branches and excess shrubbery that needs to be removed. It is not unusual for a tree surgeon to have multiple chainsaw bars at different lengths, to give them the most convenient tool for the job. Chainsaws can either be powered by petrol, electricity or battery.


Felling axes are used when chopping down a tree. These specially designed axes are built with broad, steel blade and wooden handles moulded to fit comfortably when being held. It is also possible to acquire a handle fixation which helps absorb any vibrations when the axe connects with the tree, preventing the tree surgeon from any pain as a result.

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