When Should You Start Pruning Your Trees?

As the warmer months settle in, now is the perfect time to give your trees a summer spruce up. Don’t put up with an overgrown and clatty garden; call in a professional tree surgeon to keep on top of your greenery.

Overgrown and low hanging branches may be one of the more obvious reasons to start pruning trees, but there are also a number of other reasons which are harder to spot.

This may delve into the health side of your tree rather than pruning, but identifying diseases in your tree and fixing these directly will improve the health of your tree and the appearance of them too.

Keep an eye out for rotting bark and black tips to leaves; these are the earliest signs of your tree decaying. Educate yourself on the seasonal patterns of trees, too. For instance, if your leaves are browning and falling off in early summer, this could point towards a more serious case of tree disease such as Dutch elm disease. Professional tree surgeons will be able to spot these types of disease and treat them clinically and effectively, so if you spot any of these signs, call someone in to keep your garden green.

In terms of the general upkeep of your trees, reducing the height of overgrown trees is the bread and butter for any tree surgeon. By pruning trees, you can keep them trim and in shape which will drastically improve the appearance of your garden as trees are often the centrepiece of anyone’s garden. Pruning trees isn’t simply a matter of health, it will also leave you with a garden your neighbours will be jealous of.

Tree surgeons aren’t just mechanics, they can help with the design and aesthetics of your trees. A professional arborist can mould a tree’s branches to fit a shape of a garden, or give them a short back and sides to keep them neat and tidy.

Whether your tree needs pruning or saving, Treesaw’s team of experienced, professional tree surgeons are capable of dealing with trees of all shapes and sizes, so get in touch with us today on 0113 239 1271 to arrange an appointment with one of our surgeons.