Why Remove The Stump After A Tree Is Cut Down?

A tree surgeon can be called in to work on a tree for many reasons, making adjustments to the tree’s shape or chopping it down altogether. One part of the process which is less known about what happens after the tree is cut down and only the stump and roots remain? In this blog we will talk about the thought process of deciding to let the stump remain or to remove it.

Will the tree grow back?

One thing to consider when left with a tree stump is whether the chopped down tree is likely to grow back from its roots. Without leaves, the tree cannot produce enough nutrients to grow back, however there may be enough nutrients left in the roots to allow for some sprouts to appear. If these sprouts develop enough leaves then there is a good chance that the tree will eventually grow back. 

Why Remove The Tree Stump?

There are a few reasons why it would be preferable to completely remove the tree stump after a tree surgeon has successfully chopped down a tree. For one, it can become hazardous as people may trip over it. Similarly, it can make gardening far more difficult as the stumps would need to be actively avoided while cutting the grass. Otherwise you run the risk of hitting a stump and ruining your lawn mower. 

Another reason for removing the tree stump is that it can look bad. A lot of people pride themselves on how their garden looks, often spending many hours making sure everything is looking its best. As you can imagine, a tree stump is not the most aesthetically pleasing part of any garden. If you simply want your green space to look as well kept as possible, you may wish to get the tree stump removed.

Finally, a key reason why many choose to remove a tree stump is because of the unwanted insects it will attract. As the stump starts to decompose, ants, beetles, termites and other pests will be drawn to it. Other than the general annoyance of having these creatures in your garden, they can also spread to other plants around the garden and even make their way into your home. To avoid this from happening, it is best to remove the tree stump shortly after tree surgery takes place.

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