Four Fun Facts About Trees

You probably don’t think much of the trees that you walk past in the park or drive past in your car, but trees are full of fun facts. In fact, the oxygen they produce actually assists human survival. Let’s dive into some more fun facts about trees.


Trees are the longest non-clonal living organism on Earth; A Great Basin Bristlecone Pine has been discovered to be 5,065 years old.

The species of a tree will determine its lifespan, but many live for hundreds of years, through changing environments and harsh elements. Pine trees are a highly adaptable tree and are found on six out of seven of the world’s continents.


Different parts of a tree will grow at different times of the year. You will have probably noticed that most of a tree’s foliage will grow during spring. Trunk growth happens during summer and root growth in winter.

Redwood trees are the tallest trees in the world. Found in California, they can reach up to 91 metres.


There are many theories about how trees communicate with one another, but it is known that when being attacked by insects, trees produce chemicals on their leaves called phenolics, and consequently, warn other trees to do so.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

There are varying figures when it comes to how much CO2 a tree will absorb because this will depend on various factors. The Department of Agriculture in the US states that ‘One acre of forest absorbs six tons of Carbon Dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people.’


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